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  CHARLES CRUME SOFTWARE (CCS) was founded in June of 1992 in Cincinnati, OH.

The company's initial goal was to provide decent, inexpensive, and easy to use computer software for antique dealers. The company also committed to providing upgrades and technical assistance at a reasonable cost.

Our initial product, the Small Business Inventory System (SBIS), was released in late 1992. It was designed for the single antique dealer with a small shop. During our marketing efforts for SBIS, we met the owner of an antique mall in Knightstown, IN who encouraged us to develop a program for malls. That program, Data Management System (DMS), was released in early 1993.

Since then, CCS has expanded it's software products and computer services to include:

Client, Project, and Time management Software for Attorneys and small law firms
KID'S Countdown Calendar To Christmas
Paula Norton Photography, Cincinnati, OH
Howard Rawlings Antiques
Calhoun Antique Mall, Calhoun, GA